3 GStreamer

GStreamer is an open source framework for creating streaming media applications. More precisely it is “a library for constructing graphs of media-handling components.” GStreamer is at the core of the multimedia capabilities of Overscan. GStreamer is written in the C programming language with the GLib Object model. This module, included in the Overscan package, provides Racket bindings to GStreamer; designed to provide support for building media pipelines in conventional, idiomatic Racket without worrying about the peculiarities of C.

 (require gstreamer) package: overscan

    3.1 Using GStreamer

    3.2 element%

      3.2.1 element-factory%

      3.2.2 Events

      3.2.3 Contexts

    3.3 bin%

      3.3.1 pipeline%

    3.4 bus%

      3.4.1 Messages

    3.5 pad%

      3.5.1 ghost-pad%

      3.5.2 Pad Templates

    3.6 clock%

    3.7 device%

      3.7.1 device-monitor%

    3.8 Capabilities

    3.9 Buffers

      3.9.1 Memory

      3.9.2 Samples

    3.10 Common Elements

      3.10.1 Source Elements videotestsrc audiotestsrc

      3.10.2 Filter-like Elements capsfilter videomixer tee videoscale videobox

      3.10.3 Sink Elements rtmpsink filesink appsink%

    3.11 Base Support